NMAEA Podcast

NMAEA and Propel are pleased to bring you the NMAEA Podcast! 

From "Not a Math Person" to Math Teacher Leader

Nadia sits down with Tim Berrigan from the Brooklyn Public Library to discuss his adult ed journey. Topics include working at an adult learning center, contextualizing math, and math professional development. 


Slow reveal graph article written by Tim Berrigan: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vEI0b8wD9ZwyvSGVZ8xx72nyjufP5RUV/view?usp=sharing  

Slow reveal graph collection from CollectEDNY: https://www.collectedny.org/2022/11/collectedny-slow-rev

English Language Teaching and Ethics in Adult Ed

In this episode, Nadia speaks with Rebecca Sherry on her experience as an English Language instructor. For more English language teaching and other resources, visit www.propelnm.org.

Using Data for Student Success

Join Nadia as they interview Matt Edelen, Student Success Coordinator of the Albuquerque Adult Learning Center. Matt will talk about his onboarding process and how he uses data to inform student success.

Advocacy at the NM State Capitol: Student & Staff Speak up at AE Day

Nadia interviews several AE students and staff at Adult Education and Literacy Day at the Roundhouse on March 1, 2023.

Neurodiversity Roundtable

In this special episode of the NMAEA podcast, Nadia speaks with two fellow neurodivergent educators, Matt Edelen and April Smith on their personal experiences navigating a neurotypical world. Learn about what makes us tick!

CLICK HERE for a list of resources mentioned in this episode.