NMAEA Podcast

NMAEA and Propel are pleased to bring you the NMAEA Podcast!

In this podcast, host Nadia Kader will explore various adult education topics that are relevant to all adult education practitioners and students in New Mexico. 

Episode 12: Learning with Podcasts

In this episode, Nadia is joined by Rebecca Sherry, and they discuss three different educational podcasts that they find useful in their practice along with sharing particular episode suggestions.

Resource Links

Tea for Teaching

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

The Bright Morning Podcast

Episode 11: Conference Reflections - COABE 2024

In this episode, Nadia sits down (on the floor) with Jamie Trujillo and Rebecca Sherry in Nashville, TN to talk about the 2024 national COABE Conference. Listen as they share their preparation tips, top takeaways, and favorite sessions!

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COABE Conference Website

Episode 10: Program Showcase - ACE Center at San Juan College

In this episode, Nadia and Jamie interview Jennifer Martinez-Maestas, Director of the Academic and Career Engagement (ACE) Center at San Juan College. Listen as we talk about the ACE Center's initiatives and best practices that make them the top performing adult education program in the country!

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ACE Center Program Website

Episode 9: Adult Education & Literacy Day 2024

In this episode, Nadia interviews NMAEA Executive Director, Jamie Trujillo, as well as staff and students from adult education and literacy programs throughout the state as well as members of the state office during Adult Education and Literacy Day (February 13, 2024).

Resource Links

NMAEA Advocacy Page

NMAEA Advocacy Toolkit Google Drive Folder

Episode 8: Interview with State Director Amber Gallup

In this episode, Nadia interviews the director of the New Mexico Higher Education Department's Adult Education Division, Amber Gallup. 

*Note: This interview was recorded in June of 2022. The introduction in Part 1 explains some key changes since the interview was recorded.

Episode 7: Student Ambassador Roundtable

Nadia is joined by Jamie Trujillo and this year's cohort of student ambassadors. They discuss advocacy, the student ambassador program, and the importance of adult education. 

Resource Links

For more information on our current student ambassadors, check out the student advocacy webpage. 

Episode 6: Listener mail: Self-Care Tips

Nadia is joined by producer and NMAEA executive director, Jamie Trujillo, as they discuss self-care tips sent in by New Mexico adult educators. 

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Affirmation cards mentioned in this episode

Episode 5: Neurodiversity Roundtable

In this special four part episode of the NMAEA podcast, Nadia speaks with two fellow neurodivergent educators, Matt Edelen and April Smith. Everyone discusses their personal experiences navigating a neurotypical world. From Nadia, "Listen as we info dump on how we manage full lives as neurodivergent educators!"

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Resources mentioned in this episode

Episode 4: Using Data for Student Success

Join Nadia as they interview Matt Edelen, Student Success Coordinator at the Albuquerque Adult Learning Center. Matt talks about his onboarding process and how he uses data to inform student success.

Episode 3: Advocacy at the NM State Capitol: Student & Staff Speak up at AE Day 2023

Nadia goes to the Roundhouse and talks to students and staff in adult education on what Adult Ed days means to them. The energy and passion from participants are truly inspiring.

Episode 2: English Language Teaching and Ethics in Adult Ed

Nadia interviews Rebecca Sherry, an experienced English language teacher on teaching English Language Learners (ELLs), being in professional development, and ethics in adult education. 

For more information on Propel and it's professional development offerings, check out: www.propelnm.org.

Episode 1: From "Not a Math Person" to Math Teacher Leader

In our first episode, Nadia sits down with Tim Berrigan from the Brooklyn Public Library to discuss his adult education journey. Topics include working at an adult learning center in a library system, contextualizing math, math professional development, and Tim's process in becoming a math teacher leader. 

Resource Links

Slow reveal graph article written by Tim Berrigan 

Slow reveal graph collection from CollectEDNY